Careers at Invivyd

Invivyd is a company comprised of motivated biopharmaceutical experts who are driven to make an impact on public health. Employees see working at Invivyd as a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity to bring differentiated products to vulnerable people—for COVID-19, influenza, and beyond. Invivyd operates as a hybrid company with employees working at our corporate headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts and remotely. We have employees in over 25 states, with a critical mass in the greater Boston area.

Icon of person with an antibody Icon of person with an antibody on their chest and a superhero cape, representing Invivyd employees doing great things

Our core values

At Invivyd, we do not take our values lightly. In fact, they are what differentiate us from the rest. They are more than just words – they form the basis of how we interact, make decisions, and continue to strengthen our culture.

Vydians are…

Icon of three Invivyd employees Icon of three Invivyd employees with antibodies on their chests, representing teamwork and harmony


We work in synchronized harmony to achieve a common goal.
Icon of antibody on a mountaintop Icon of antibody on a mountaintop, representing attainment of difficult goals


We persevere and adapt together.
Icon of antibody navigating through obstacles Icon of antibody navigating through obstacles, representing ability to pivot and handle change


We are active knowledge seekers who take creative risks that anticipate and embrace change.
Icon of antibody inside a lightbulb Icon of antibody inside a lightbulb, representing the brilliance of Invivyd employees


We promote a high trust environment with a shared sense of responsibility.
Icon of antibody in a rocketship Icon of antibody in a rocketship, representing the high spirits and enthusiasm of the Invivyd team


We collectively embody energy and enthusiasm, choosing to derive happiness from each other and each opportunity.

Open positions

We are on a mission to significantly impact the future of public health with differentiated medicines for viral infectious diseases. Join our team!

Vydian culture

Backs of three Invivyd employees pointing to the their matching football jerseys which bear the message “It’s our time”